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As a key player in the Textile Industry in south India, Precot Meridian is deeply conscious of its commitment to environmental protection and conservation. As part of its social responsibility initiative, the following steps are taken.

  • 20% of the total spindle-capacity of Precot Meridian makes use of certified organically grown cotton.
  • Precot Meridian is constantly moving towards greener energy utilization. Precot Meridian has invested in 17 Windmills and it produces 12.25 MW power.
  • Usage of Energy efficient motors in Ring Frames, Waste Recovery Systems, Compressors and Humidification plants ensure reduction of energy consumption considerably.
  • New advances in technology that are used in Precot Meridian ensure that the Low volume liquor dyeing machine for Yarn dyeing works at 1:5 ratio (Material to chemical liquor).
  • Precot Meridian has ventured into power purchase agreement to an extent of 7.5 MW from power generating plant with natural gas as its raw material. The emission of carbon from natural gas is low compared to other sources.
  • Precot Meridian has set up an ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) with Zero discharge system, which includes Ozone, Reverse Osmosis, Evaporator and Crystallizer in the dyeing unit.
  • As a measure to preserve water resources, Precot Meridian has set up a sewage treatment plant in all units to recycle waste water from canteens and dormitories. About 90% of sewage water is recycled and used efficiently.
  • Rainwater collection sumps are provided in all units. After purification, purified water is used both for industrial and domestic purposes.
  • HFO fired non IBR boilers have replaced wood fire boilers using biomass as its fuel (Fire bricks).
  • Heat recovery systems are provided in dyeing plants to collect hot water from dye bath water. This hot water is used in the boilers and in the dyeing machineries.
  • Wet scrubbers are used in boilers to reduce air pollution.