Benefits and usage of cotton pads

Cotton Pads

Cotton pads are made from raw cotton. They are compressed and shaped which makes them stronger for holding liquids and less likely to collapse or end up soggy. The compressed feature ensures that threads will not be left behind or unraveled. The usage of purified cotton pads for applications in cosmetics, sanitary, and medicine has gained traction over the years. Consumers seeking absorbent hygiene products made of natural materials are on the rise.

Precot manufactures and exports cotton pads that are superior in absorbency, softness, cleanliness, and hypoallergenic properties. The usage of cotton pads for face and makeup removal is designed for high performance and they are an essential part of daily skin routine.

Different types of cotton pads

Whether it is pure cotton or fiber, thick or thin, edge locked or printed, cotton pads used for face and makeup removal must use absorbent cotton and fiber cotton with the highest safety level as their major raw materials. Some of the cotton pad types available in the market are

(1) Pure degreased cotton pads :

Cotton pads are made from degreased cotton after chemical treatment. Such pads absorb liquid easily and are the thickest of all types of cotton.

(2) Purified cotton pads :

Purified cotton pads are made from cotton that undergoes processes that do not compromise the natural qualities of cotton. They undergo a hydroentanglement process that makes them lint-free, safe, and breathable.

(3) Mix Of Fiber cotton and degreased cotton :

Fiber cotton and degreased cotton are pressed together to synthesize each other's benefit. One side of the cotton pad can be peeled off into a thinner layer and reused.

Precot manufactures cotton pads in different shapes and patterns to suit the application.

Cotton pads usage - Purified Cotton delivers quality and comfort

1. Cotton pads usage in cosmetics: Texture Matters

While they are widely used in makeup removal and removal of nail polish, there are other uses: Here are some: Cotton pads can be soaked in skin conditioner or moisturising toner and can be doubled up as facial masks concentrating on drier areas such as cheeks, foreheads, and chin. Pre-soaked cotton pads in cleansing water for makeup removal and presoaking cotton pads in toners can be carried while traveling. They can be used for applying translucent powder and used to contour.

2. Cotton pads usage in medical: Ensures Protection

For medical purposes, cotton pads are used to stop or prevent bleeding from minor punctures such as injections or venipuncture and also for wound dressing. Soft, absorbent, hypoallergenic cotton protects from infections and rashes.

3. Cotton pads for baby wipes: Safe for the skin

Cotton pads give a more effective clean. Dry cotton pads can absorb more mess and clean up quicker. And although they aren’t wet like baby wipes, a soft, fluffy cotton pad won’t feel abrasive on the baby’s skin.

Are cotton pads good for your face ?

The answer to the above question is YES. Cotton pads are the most hygienic method for even application of skin care products. They ensure clean application and easily wipes away residue. Some important things need to be looked for in a cotton pad such as using purified cotton to make the cotton pads, the absence of chemicals and fluorescent whitening agents, and the thickness and density.

Cotton pads Vs cotton balls

A cotton ball will also absorb liquid well, but most of the liquid will remain trapped inside it because of its shape. Using a round or square cotton pad will reduce the amount of cosmetic use by keeping more liquid on the surface. A cotton ball is preferred in for example nail polish removal or in specific uses that require more liquid.

Cotton Pads from Precot

The structure of our cotton pads allows for superior absorption and release properties, making it a viable delivery system for cleansers, moisturizers, or other effective ingredients found in baby, personal care, and hygiene products. Another unique attribute of our cotton pad is its superior wet strength, enhancing tear resistance. The shape and pattern choices are made according to the end use.
Precot’s expertise coupled with the advantages of cotton makes for hygiene products that consumers depend on every day.