Combed Cotton Yarn

  • 100% Organic combed cotton yarn for Knitting and Weaving Ne 30/1 to 40/1
  • 100% Organic combed cotton slub yarn for Knitting and Weaving Ne 30/1 to 40/1
  • Elitwist yarn for knitting and Weaving
  • Knitting Yarn Ne 30/1 to Ne 60/1 includes both domestic and international cotton
  • Weaving Yarn Ne 40/1 to Ne 80/1
  • Doubled Yarn on TFO Ne. 50/2, 56/2, 66/2, 74/2 and 80/2
  • Gassed Yarn Ne.40/2 to 80/2
  • Compact spun yarn for Weaving Ne 40/1 t o Ne. 60/1
  • Fancy yarn, Normal Slub yarn, Reverse Slub yarn Ne 24/1 to Ne 60/1 for Knitting and Weaving
  • Open End Spun Yarn Ne 2 to Ne 10

Polyester Sewing Thread

  • Bulk cones in raw white and optic white as per shade card
  • Around 600 shades have been manufactured with the help of shade card leaf lot
  • Polyester sewing yarn ranges from Ne 20/2, 20/3, 48/2, 55/2, 55/3 and 60/3


Precot Meridian manufactures and markets high quality yarns like Slub Yarn, Organic Yarn, Compact Yarn, Elitwist Yarn, etc to domestic and international clients.

Slub Yarn

Slub yarn is manufactured with the technical support of CAIPO, Italy and LAKSHMI, India. Precot Meridian manufactures all types of slub yarn - short, medium long, extra long and reverse slub yarn. Slub yarn comes under the fancy yarn domain as it creates certain visual effects in the resulting fabric. Slub yarn fabric is characterized by an uneven surface; simple colors seem appealing because of the regular change in texture right through the fabric.

Organic Yarn

Producing yarn that is certified as being organic involves a long procedure committed to eco-friendly practices at various levels. The cotton used to produce organic yarn is grown on farms that adhere to farming practices wherein chemical herbicides, growth-stimulants and pesticides are not used. Sustainable agricultural practices are put into use to ensure that the cotton used is 100% organic.

Precot Meridian sources this organic cotton at premium prices in order to ensure that the yarn manufactured is also organic. This is certified by Control Union, Netherlands. This certificate is renewed each year under the guidance of Control Union Netherlands after a strict audit process. Apart from the measures taken to ensure the organic quality of the yarn, due care is taken to comply with safety, labor and other mandatory issues, while producing organic yarn.

Compact Yarn

Precot Meridian has introduced a novel way of reducing the extra hairiness that characterizes conventional yarn. Conventional yarn spinning techniques result in low strength and irregular appearance. This is overcome by the world class SUESSAN COMPACT which uses the compact spinning technique. This ensures that the yarn produced has quality characteristics such as evenness, tensile strength and lowered hairiness.

Elitwist / Compact Yarn

Elitwist / Compact yarn is used in specialist applications. The technology used has the tendency to reduce the twisting triangle in the spinning machine. Elitwist yarn can withstand heavy loads because of its increased strength and elongation. It maintains a good lustre as the hairiness is fairly low.

The enhanced strength of Elitwist yarn makes it a favoured product with customers. Warping breaks are reduced a great deal and sizes can be changed without too many cost implications. It also lends itself to extensive dyeing possibilities.

Precot Meridian as one of the most well known manufacturers of polyester sewing thread, produces a wide range that suit the varied needs of end users. Both two ply and three ply yarns that range from Ne 20 to Ne 60 are manufactured.

Polyester Cotton Blend

Precot Meridian manufactures a wide range of polyester cotton blends ranging from Ne 30 to 40. Two different cotton blends manufactured include 40/60 and 50/50 poly cotton. These products are well known for their quality and the ultimate fabric appearance is an important factor for PC blends.